Current Team Rosta:
Avengers 1
Dave Gatiss (Captain)
Peter Yau
Gordon Ng
Dipak Topiwala
Jason Cheung
Edison Huang
Cedric Wong
Frank Liao
Ivy Liao
Eric Chin
Chris Kegel
Mehran Shariati

Avengers 2
Matthew Nguyen
Aris Tai 
Kevin Lin
Jessica Moh

Avengers 3
Dennon Shockey
Lucy Orr
Nash Karim

Dave Gatiss

Dave Gatiss was a top 100 level player in England and Northants County No 1 for a while during his playing days there and hovers around the top 100 mark still here in Canada. He is ranked highly in the Canadian Veteran ranks (as high as 15 at one point) and currently around the top 20 in the men's senior ranking in BC. He was the Canadian National Vets Champion in 2014 and also Mens Team Bronze medalist the same year, the reigning BC Open Veteran champion and the RTTL MVP for 2013. Dave is also a full-time coach and a constant in all Vancouver Avengers league seasons as Captain of the team.

Shirley Fu is one of the stars of Canadian Table Tennis. Twice holder of the Canadian National Women's Championship, Shirley has taken her level as high as possible Nationally and is also taking on international duties for Canada. Along with numerous other titles at all junior and senior levels, Shirley has been with the team for three years and we hope to have her play for us in the league for many more to come
Peter Yau has played with the team on and off for several years and has been a recent regular in the squad for the past 3 years. Peter has numerous senior and junior major titles to his name at provincial level. Peter is still around top 50 in ranked in Canada and is currently the no 9 ranked player in BC. Peter's smooth style, high level of play and calm personality has always been great for the team and will be again this year as he has signed with the team once more.
Dipak Topiwala has been with the team for 4 years and has signed up for the forthcoming season. A seasoned high level veteran and after recovering from fitness issues, Dipak has began to find his game and ranking once more and and has become a very high level league player again winning over 75% of his matches in previous Richmond Winter leagues. In his younger year's a table tennis obsessed Dipak got himself ranked around the top 30 in England, at a time when England was still somewhat of a force in the world game. This grounding and experience has made Dipak a very valuable member of the squad whose (still) enthusiastic approach to the game creates a contagious effect throughout the team

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